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kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

a beautiful disaster
16 May 1987
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About Me...sorta
Hello! I'm Tasha and you've stumbled upon my journal either on purpose or by accident. Either way, yay! I'm a 21 year old female who has an obsession with all things sci-fi/horror. Though my main obsession is X Files. I like to make icons/fanart on occasion though it takes me forever to actually post it to my art comm nerdgasm_icons. I still live with my parents because the rent is free. Eventually I'll move out on my own again, hopefully with my boyfriend Derek. Some more fun facts, with bullets!

· I RP on occasion. Mostly X Files now.
· Sweet Tea is like crack to me. Though I'm trying to cut down.
· I own more Star Trek novels than one person should.

My journal is friends only, mostly. Once in a while I'll have a public entry but it's rare. My favorite holiday is Halloween because of my love of horror. Fred Kruger will always be my favorite villain, Chucky coming in close second. I love movies and try to buy everything I can when I have the money. Thank you, and good night!
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